Friday, September 23, 2011

Backbend Week

Fun week in capstone.  We started class Tuesday with a brief discussion of whether Christians should do yoga or not.

We did supported Adho Mukha Virasana, Adho Muka svanasana, Uttanasana,  then a good bit of time in tadasana working with the block between our feet and thighs and we used a belt to teach the engagement of our shins.  Then we did some Urdhva Hastasana, and used the belt behind our back to open the shoulders.  We did Vira I, with the arms in UH and then behind the back.  We took all those actions to the floor and did salabasana with the belt, bhujaghasana, Ustrasana,  AMS, parsva Uttanasana and then Viparita Karani.

We finally got around to talking about the kleshas themselves on Thursday and then we did some more backward bends.  We started with AMS, then UH, then we did some gomukasana arm work and then the full pose (which reminds me, we also did a bit of calf mashing on Tuesday) then AMS again, Salabasana, bhujangasana, makarasana,  and oh yes.  anantasana,  Urdhva Mukasvanasana and  AMS to UMS several times. then setu bandha and viparita karani.  

Fun times.    Next week we'll leave the levitation preparation aside for a while (and work more with pranayama)

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  1. Oh no! Did we unlock some secrets to levitation on Thursday and I missed it?!?!