Thursday, September 1, 2011

handout for discussion of Sutras 1-1.11

A review from last Tuesday

1.1   Now   yoga  begins.    

1.2    Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.

1.3  When yoga happens,   the seer  resides in its true abode/ sees its true nature.

1.4  At other times, the seer  identifies with the fluctuations of the mind. 

Atha   now
Yoga union
Citta   mind
Nirodha   cessation/stopping
Vritti   fluctuation
Purusha   soul/seer 

Let’s go on

1.     5.   There are five  fluctuations (vrttis). They may be painful/disruptive to samadhi  or not. 

1. 6         They are: correct knowledge, incorrect knowledge, illusion, sleep and memory.

1. 7         Correct knowledge arises from direct perception, inference, and the expert authority

1. 8         Incorrect knowledge is  false understanding  based on inaccurate perception.

1. 9         Illusion or imagination is where an idea is conveyed that has no basis in reality. 

1.10       Sleep is the supported cessation of mental fluctuations

1.11       Memory is where things once experienced are not allowed to completely slip away.   Or Memory is  making the past present

Vritti    fluctuation of mind
Pramana   Correct knowledge
 Viparyaya Incorrect knowledge
Vikalpa Metaphorical thinking
Nidra        sleep 
Smrti         memory 

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